CAPWAP Analysis

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An essential tool with PDA, Geo Dynamics has been a pioneer in introducing Case Pile Wave Analysis Program (CAPWAP) for pile foundation testing in the country. It is mandatory to verify PDA field results for all bored and cast-in-place driven concrete piles, CFA piles at any jobsite. CAPWAP should also be used for at least the first few driven piles at any site monitored for end of driving and should also be used for all re-strike tests at any project site to correctly estimate the pile capacity.  

The CAPWAP program is an analytical method that combines measured field data with pile wave equation type procedures, to predict the pile’s static bearing capacity and soil resistance distribution.  Measured force and velocity data is directly input from the PDA. Based on the measured velocity data, the program computes force required to induce the imposed velocity. Both measured and computed forces are plotted as a function of time and the iterative analysis is continued till there is good agreement between both the curves. If the agreement is not satisfactory, the soil resistances at the pile point and along the pile are adjusted until a good match is obtained. This gives correct estimates of the actual static pile capacity measured during field testing, and also the friction and end bearing components.

CAPWAP requires expertise and understanding of pile / soil / hammer behaviour.  It is the key to understanding and evaluating data obtained from PDA tests. Information like end bearing, skin friction, pile integrity, total pile top displacement aids the designer to take effective and quick decisions. Geo Dynamics has successfully demonstrated its expertise by correlating CAPWAP results with static load tests for a diverse range of projects in the country and abroad. 


Typical Capwap Output For 72m Pile

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