Cross Hole Sonic Logging

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Geo Dynamics is again at the forefront in introducing yet another technology in India that is getting popular worldwide. We are the first company to provide complete CSL testing that includes waterfall diagram, wave speed and energy curve and TOMOGRAPHY. The method was first successfully introduced by us for the SONE Railway River Bridge Project in Bihar and has later been used at many projects including the prestigious Bandra Worli Sea Link Project at Mumbai. 

The method is particularly useful for large diameter pile foundations for major structures like river bridges, towers, initial piles (before load testing)> It can also be used for slurry walls or wall panels. The method is standardized as per ASTM D6760 and determines the quality and consistency of concrete between pairs of PVC or steel tubes pre-installed in bored piles, wall panels, concrete foundations. The output is in the form of waterfall map alongwith wave speed and energy or amplitude plot. Tomography software gives a good 2-D or 3-D image to visualize defects inside the pile for future corrective action. 


Single Hole Sonic Logging is mostly used for smaller diameter piles where using CSL testing is difficult as multiple tubes cannot be installed inside such piles. Typically SSL is used for pile diameters upto 600mm by installing a 38mm-50mm PVC pipe inside the steel cage before concrete is cast. Although limited information is available due to only one tube, the method may determine major defects inside the pile and if defect is closer to the tube. Currently, many specifications prefer SSL testing as a part of their contract documents. Geo Dynamics has the complete assembly and expertise to execute SSL jobs and recently executed a major job of SSL testing for a steel plant in Eastern India. 

Bandra Worli Sea Link
Bandra Worli Sea link

CSL Testing in Progress

CSL Testing in Progress

CSL Analysis
CSL Analysis

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