Training & Data Evaluation

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Mr. Ravikiran Vaidya is a Pile Dynamics, Inc., authorized training instructor for most of the technology equipments sold by Pile Dynamics, Inc., pioneers in deep foundation technology and in this form of testing worldwide. Numerous companies in the Gulf like Huta Foundations, Gulf Consult in Saudi Arabia, Advanced Construction Technology Services (ACTS), Qatar, NCCBM, Delhi have been trained by us in use of Pile Driving Analyzer, Pile Integrity Tester, CAPWAP, CSL. Individual or group training programs can be arranged at our Head Office or at client location with consent from Pile Dynamics, Inc., if new equipments are purchased or refresher courses are required. 

Training can also be provided to end user companies who evaluate or use test data generated at their project sites. 

Geo Dynamics also provides third party (independent) evaluation of test data including reports. Typically clients / consultants contact us to provide a review of reports and test data for better understanding of pile / deep foundations. Geo Dynamics also associates with testing companies to provide joint reports for key jobs in India and abroad. Geo Dynamics has provided such services to projects in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Qatar and Iraq in addition to many projects in India. 

PIT Field Training in Progress at Saudi Arabia

PDA Training at Jeddah, KSA

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