NDT Of Concrete

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Geo Dynamics is fully equipped and experienced to provide Non Destructive Testing Services for concrete structures. We have executed niche projects for Delhi Metro, Bridge at Chandigarh, Pipavav Port Jetty, Dahej, real estate projects and projects for Power Plants. Geo Dynamics is equipped with the latest range of equipments from Proceq, who are world leaders in providing these technologies for testing of concrete. We currently provide the following tests, although please check with us for any additional tests that we keep adding on continuous basis. 

Condition Survey of Structures 

It is known that when structures need to be evaluated, the primary requirement is to understand the existing condition of the structure. This requires visual inspection from an experienced engineer and followed by systematic documentation of major and minor details. Geo Dynamics routinely conducts condition survey of structures before they start testing at the project sites. This is very useful as it helps to target locations that have potential distress rather than random testing.

Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Testing 

UPV Testing is a very simple but effective tool to evaluate quality of concrete, cracks, or defects if any using direct, indirect and semi-direct methods. The key to this testing is not using the equipment but to know where to use it and interpretation of results obtained after testing. Geo Dynamics is equipped with two Ultrasonix 4600 equipment and also the PUNDIT equipments that conforms to ASTM, BS and BIS code provisions. The test does not provide information on the grade of concrete but can be effectively used to assess concrete quality, crack depth.

Rebound Hammer Tests 

This is one of the most primitive and simplest test to evaluate strength of concrete. Although results using this test vary significantly based on surface hardness, carbonation and variety of other factors, consultants / clients / contractors prefer to use it primarily due to its speed and ease of use. Geo Dynamics is equipped with latest digital hammers from PROCEQ and Controls that conform to various international codes. Geo Dynamics also has in house calibration facility for these hammers. 

Carbonation Tests 

The test is use to determine carbonation of concrete and also used when assessing rick of reinforcement corrosion or when testing fire damaged structures. This is mostly used in conjunction with other NDT tests. 

Rebar Locator (Cover Meter) Tests 

The test is used to detect and determine bar diameter for concrete structures. The method also provides information about effective concrete cover available. It is a useful tool to be used during UPV / Half Cell Potential / Concrete core testing. Geo Dynamics has both PROFOMETER PLUS AND PROFOSCOPE PLUS and is routinely used in conjunction with some of the NDT tests.  

Half Cell Potential Testing 

The test is used to estimate the probability of corrosion in steel reinforcement and is many times used in conjunction with other NDT tests. The method eliminates the requirement of hacking concrete to physically view rebar condition. Readings are however weather and moisture sensitive. It normally requires that concrete is moist before conducting the tests. 

Concrete Core Testing 

This is a semi-destructive testing method to ascertain in-situ compressive strength of concrete by actually extracting cores from the concrete structure. Geo Dynamics uses concrete core testing at projects where quality is a concern or in conjunction with UPV test results to establish the quality of concrete at site.

UPV Testing by Direct Method
UPV Testing by Direct Method
Rebound Hammer Testing in Progress
Rebound Hammer Testing in Progress

Rebar Locator Testing on Column
Rebar Locator Testing on Column 

Half Cell Potential Testing in Progress
Half Cell Potential Testing in Progress

Concrete Core Test in Progress

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